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Why Kotor

Because we love it – and we have a strong feeling that you will love it too!

Remote work in Kotor

It’s a 5-minute city where all essentials are less than listening to one of your favorite songs!

We are located in the Old town, there’s no traffic, neither background noises that squeeze out your energy – childlike sleep is guaranteed.

You might wonder how old it is in the Old town. Some say 2 millenniums, some say less, but for sure many buildings are intact for many centuries, and to stay so, UNESCO protected Kotor for good. Even though we live here, we never get tired of exploring Kotor, it’s a small town, but it has multiple layers of history.


Nature is all around

Whether you are a mountain person and would do hikes, or you are more for chilling and sunbathing by the sea – we have them both, again, just a song from our place. If a 30-minute car ride is not a drag for you, then visiting National park Lovćen for spectacular views and hikes is a must-do-thing!


Walk-in nature


Life by the sea

How’s life here? We often get this question, we will just say ‘Mediterranean’!If you want to slow down your pace of life, enjoy the community and bond with people, become friends with a 60-year-old neighbor, or just kick a ball at squares with local kids. And you think that mild winters are perfect winters, while life and the food by the sea are irreplaceable – then yes, you should consider moving to the Mediterranean at least for a month.

Explore KotorNest Activities

Besides working and cooking together we organize various group activities. The new schedule is shared every week and everyone is free to join.


Probably one of the best places for hiking. Kotor is surrounded by hills, fortresses, hike routes, and beautiful nature. Short break in the middle of the day to take a look at the old city from above, or choose a whole day route.


Stay on the ground and explore the bay and drive through by the coast on a sunny day. Hard to say if it is better to go to Tivat or to Perast.


Stay active without leaving Nest. Most of our guests prefer yoga so you’ll always have company.

Explore Boka bay

Nicely Nested in Boka bay Kotor is a great starting point. We do daily tours or just choose to change our working spot.

Feel free to suggest ?

What is your hobby or skill? Share your knowledge with others and have fun. Some of us tried tango, singing, photography, drawing,… in Nest for the first time!

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@kotornest Coliving place for all digital nomads and round the world travelers in the heart of UNESCO-protected Old Town of Kotor!

How to find Kotor Nest?

Tivat: 15 Minutes
Dubrovnik: Less than 2hrs (Depending on border crossing)
Podgorica: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Most popular flights

London      Podgorica

Paris      Tivat

Dublin      Tivat

Barcelona      Podgorica