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Our Story

The idea come from…

Let’s say it all started when Filip was a kid kicking a ball at squares in Kotor. He would spend summers at Kotor and would always rant when it would be time to go back home. When he grew up, he decided to move to Kotor and start renting a flat through Airbnb.

During busy summers everything was cheerful and cool, but during wintertime he felt that his guests needed something more than just a place to live, but couldn’t perceive it. Filip was puzzled and went to study tourism in Bali.

There he become friends with Strahinja who was studying the Indonesian language . This is an actual photo of Strahinja and Filip studying in Indonesia (imagine how hard it was).


After a year in Indonesia, Filip had an epiphany, he understood the importance of a diverse and vivid community and decided to go back to Kotor and start a coliving. While Strahinja indulged even more into a wanderlust life in SE Asia and continued his extensive journeys for the next few years.

Back in Montenegro, Filip started the search for a place to make a coliving, after lots of tries he was lucky to find a 200-year-old building; guess where – right at the square where he was kicking a ball as a kid. It was a sign to which he couldn’t turn his deaf ear to. He renovated apartments and made a space in which he would love to stay in, or better say to Nest in.


Then Filip invited Strahinja to join him in the endeavor of transforming a space into a home. Strahinja decided to return to the Balkans bringing a spirit that he would love to share with everyone at Kotor Nest.


And here we are now – at the place which echoes with the history, where every year since, people have come from afar to bond, share food and drink, work and get inspired, play, be active, and revive the importance of being a part of the lively community despite the scatteredness of modern life.

Live, work, swim, repeat.

All of our rooms are spacious and equipped with a working desk and a chair.
Our double beds and amazing mattresses will give you childlike sleep. 

Comfort room with en suite bathroom

Superior Double Rooms are perfectly equipped for traveling couples or friends.

Standard room with shared bathroom

Have lots of in-room facilities and are designed in open-concept living area.

Loft Apartment

Our loft is equipped with a double bed and a fully-equipped kitchen, but that’s not all.